Bennett slams 'shemozzle' Keary Origin drama
Bennett slams 'shemozzle' Keary Origin drama


Queensland coach Wayne Bennett has suggested Origin eligibility rules should be reviewed as Queensland-born Luke Keary’s Blues debut chases the series into Game One.

On the eve of the series opener in Adelaide, the hot-topic of Keary’s Origin eligibility has headlined the rivalry between the two camps.

The NSW debutant was born in Queensland and relocated to NSW at age 11, but will play his first Origin in the sky blue despite writing to the NRL asking to be a maroon just six-years ago. The Roosters playmaker also trained in the Emerging Maroons squad in 2012,

Bennett had the last word on the matter at his final media conference in camp on the Gold Coast where he suggested a re-examination of the eligibility rules was needed.

“Most rules need revising from time to time, things do change,” Bennett said.

“There is a lot of change in our game and who plays the game now, so maybe it is worthwhile looking at the rules, but it won’t help anybody this year.

“If all the other criteria is a bit messy and muddy, I suppose that (a player’s birthplace) should be a criteria.

“I went to a meeting about that 10 or 15 years ago because it was a shemozzle then, so what’s changed?”

Bennett also revealed that Queensland had previously launched a bid to secure the Ipswich-born playmaker for the Maroons years ago.

“He has been considered for Queensland,” Bennett said.

“I understand the QRL have sent letters away and everything else, but they didn’t consider that he should be a Queenslander, so he is playing for NSW.

Bennett also added “it is worth looking at the rules”.


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